Prenatal & postnatal classes in Malvern with FloFitness




Mummy Fitness


Outside Class

Mummy Fitness is a fitness class for mums to get active and start to get back to feeling themselves. Bring along your babies and have some fun.


Pregnancy Yoga


Eden Centre & Online

This gentle yoga flow class is carefully adapted for mums to be. Keep the body supple, strengthen the pelvic floor and learn breathing techniques.


Mum & Baby Yoga


Outside & Online

Bond with your baby through movement and songs whilst moving through a gentle yoga flow to open up the body and release tension.

Prenatal & postnatal classes in Malvern with FloFitness


Taking part in a prenatal class comes with many benefits. Whilst the body is going through natural changes sometimes this can create back pain, tight muscles and affect sleep. Yoga will help keep the body supple, support the lower back, strengthen the pelvic floor and improve overall wellbeing. The classes include breathing practices which can help during labour and birth, improve sleep an bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the mind and body.

Classes are suitable for the absolute beginner.

You can start classes from 14 weeks and attend through till baby arrives.

Speaking to your GP/midwife is always advised before starting.


Postnatal classes are the perfect way to ease back into exercise, start to knit the body back together and begin to feel like yourself again.

Attending classes are a great way to meet other mums, bond with your baby and find time to look after yourself. 

You can join the postnatal classes after 6 weeks if you had a non complicated birth.

After 8 weeks if you had any complications and after 12 weeks if you had a C-section.

Ensure you and baby have had the all clear and your 6 week check up before attending.

All classes are suitable for the absolute beginner.

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