Aerial yoga in Malvern with FloFitness


What is Aerial Yoga


Aerial yoga takes traditional yoga poses and takes them off the ground using an aerial hammock. This takes your yoga practice to a whole new level, literally, brining in new challenges, new ways to move and the best savasana experience ever. 


Aerial yoga is a strong practice but it is also a very relaxing practice depending on which poses we explore in class. Of course all of these are optional and you do what suits you and your body.

Aerial yoga in Malvern with FloFitness

Benefits of Aerial Yoga


There are so many benefits to practicing aerial yoga and these are just a few of them:

  • decompresses the spine

  • increased mobility and flexibility without impact

  • strengthens bones and joints

  • increased blood flow especially to brain

  • improves digestion

  • calming of the mind

  • improves sleep

  • fun way to explore yoga (there will be laughter)

  • general full body tune up and workout

Monthly Workshops


We are now offering monthly aerial yoga workshops in Malvern at Matrix Fitness. Spaces are limited to 8 per class so booking is required and it is advised you do as early as possible.

No experience is required to try aerial yoga and of course you don't have to do any poses you don't wish to.

These workshops will give you the chance to explore aerial yoga with the opportunity to keep it gentle or try out some more challenging poses.

Aerial Yoga
Multiple Dates
21 Jan, 19:30