Aerial yoga in Malvern with FloFitness


1-2-1or Small Group


Having a private session or small group session can help target your personal needs helping you to reach your goals just that little bit quicker. This type of training can also be perfect for those that don't feel ready to attend a class whether it is lack of confidence or needing specific adaptations.

Private sessions may also suit you better due to a busy schedule and attending a weekly class is not a possibility.

Aerial yoga in Malvern with FloFitness

Parties & Events


FloFitness can offer classes for special occasions such as birthday parties, hen parties or simply a get together with friends. This is a great way to get in some exercise but without the seriousness of a normal class. If you have a theme and wish your class to match this then let us know.

Special occasion classes are limited to 7 silks but can be a total of 14 attendees sharing silks.


Aerial yoga in Malvern with FloFitness


Aerial yoga takes traditional yoga poses and takes them off the ground using an aerial hammock. This takes your yoga practice to a whole another level, literally, brining in new challenges, new ways to move deeper and the best savasana experience ever. 

Aerial yoga can sometimes be feel stronger in some poses but then others can feel more relaxing in comparison to mat yoga. As with any yoga class you can take modifications, skip poses or give yourself little extra challenges. 

A few benefits from an aerial yoga class include: 

  • total body workout

  • mentally rejuvenating

  • increases flexibility

  • improves back and neck pain

  • builds strength in muscles and joints

  • promotes better circulation and digestion

  • boosts confidence and mood