Wedding Dances | FloFitness | Malvern, Worcestershire


Wedding Dances | FloFitness | Malvern, Worcestershire

First Dance


Your wedding day is a very special day and your first dance is the perfect way to celebrate with your new partner. Your first dance will be designed to suit you and your partner's personalities and requirements. You choose your special song and then choose your style of dance, I do the rest for you. It's as simple as that. You don't have to have any dance experience to start dance classes as each dance is bespoke to your level of experience. 

Wedding Dances | FloFitness | Malvern, Worcestershire

Down the Aisle


Are you looking for something completely different? Dancing down the aisle is definitely going to bring different to your wedding day. The bride can dance with her bridesmaids or may the groom wishes to dance with his groomsmen. Once you have chosen the music and know the venue and space it has to dance in the rest is up to me to. All you have to do is practice.

Wedding Dances | FloFitness | Malvern, Worcestershire

Father Daughter Dance


Just like your first dance, a father daughter dance is a very special dance. Back in the day, the festivities would begin with the father leading his daughter to the dance floor. During their dance, the father would then pass his daughter to her new husband, who would dance her away. This symbolised the father's acceptance of groom's suitability. While not quite so literal now, the father-daughter dance is still very important in some weddings.

Hen Party Dances | FloFitness | Malvern, Worcestershire

Hen Parties


Fancy a fun and lively hen party?

Then why not have a dancing hen do. You and your bridesmaids will learn a choreographed dance of your chosen theme. This is a perfect way to get the party going by shaking out some dance moves and having a laugh. Some ideas for themes: 80's, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Burlesque, Thriller, Pop video, Charleston etc. We can also offer yoga and aerial yoga for hen parties.

Wedding Dances | FloFitness | Malvern, Worcestershire

Bridal Party


If you would really like to impress your guests then getting the rest of your bridal party involved is the perfect way to do so. Maybe the bride would like to dance with her bridesmaids? Maybe the groom would like to dance with his groomsmen? Maybe the entire bridal party gets involved including the parents? Your bridal party dance will be to your choice of music and your chosen dance style and I will do rest for you. 

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