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Mum & Toddler Yoga


Drop in £7, Courses £30-£40

5-6 weeks blocks

About the Course

Mum & Toddler Yoga is the perfect way to keep your body moving with your little one. Our classes focus on looking after mums with mindful movement and breathwork whilst fully integrating your little ones with yoga, play and songs. Whether you are an experienced yogi or brand new to yoga these classes are warm and welcoming to everyone.

In our classes we aim to do as much of a gentle yoga flow practice as possible so to support mums recovery through movement. The poses we look at are designed to help re build strength throughout the body but more specifically the core muscles and pelvic floor. We also encourage the body to open up through flowing stretches and seated static stretches, there's a lot of focus on mobility and stretching out tight muscles.

Whilst the focus is on mums, toddlers are involved throughout the class. They can play on the play mats and enjoy sensory toys, they will be encouraged to join in with poses and songs which will help support their mind and bodies.

Benefits of Mum & Toddler Yoga classes:

  • Helps build strength and stamina lifting your little ones

  • Can help improve sleep for mum and for toddler

  • Enhances toddler's immune system

  • Offers sensory stimulation

  • Helps brain and nervous system development

  • Supports the development of your bond with your little one

  • Meet other mums and their little ones

  • Learn techniques to help you and toddler relax together

  • Assists with your postnatal recovery bringing the body back into alignment

  • Rebuild strength in the whole body

  • Stretch out tight and stiff muscles

Our Mum & Toddler Yoga classes take place at the Eden Centre, Grovewood Road. There is plenty of parking and extra at the back of the building and then head upstairs. All yoga equipment is provided, you'll need to wear something comfy that you can move well in, bring a bottle of water and anything your little one might need.

The classes run in blocks of 5 or 6 weeks depending on the school terms. You can join us and book in for the whole course or join us on a 'drop in' basis if that suits you better.

Your Instructor

Gemma Staples

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