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Mummy Fitness

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30-10.15am

Drop in £7, Courses £30-£40

5-6 week blocks

About the Course

Mummy Fitness is a class for mums during pregnancy or to help you get back into exercise once your little one has arrived. The exercises are planned to suit your pre or postnatal needs with exercises being adapted as and when they are needed. Whether you are brand new to exercise, returning after a long break or a fitness enthusiast these classes are everyone.

To support the body during your pregnancy or postnatal recovery we focus on controlled and low impact movements that encourage the deeper muscles to engage and work hard. The exercises we look at use resistance bands, light dumbbells or body weight, you can take things slow or add in a few extra reps if you're feeling up to it.

Little ones play in the middle of the room with plenty of toys to keep their minds busy whilst you spend some time focusing on yourself. If and when babies prefer to spend more time with you we incorporate them into the workout.

Benefits of Mummy Fitness classes:

  • Get active without the worry of childcare

  • Babies and young children welcome

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

  • Get fit, have fun and feel great

  • Meet other mums and their little ones

  • Re-tones and tighten the body

  • Improves cardiovascular strength

  • Builds strength throughout the body

  • Assists with weight management

  • Boosts the happy endorphins making you feel great

Our Mummy Fitness classes take place at the Eden Centre, Grovewood Road. There is plenty of parking with extra round the back of the building and then head upstairs. All equipment is provided, you'll need to wear something comfy that you can move well in, bring a bottle of water and anything baby might need.

If you are joining during pregnancy you can join our classes from 14-40+ weeks, If you are joining with your little one you can join from 6/12 weeks onwards depending on how little one arrived. It is advised that you speak to your GP or midwife before attending.

The classes run in blocks of 5 or 6 weeks depending on the school terms. You can join us and book in for the whole course or join us on a 'drop in' basis if that suits you better.

Your Instructor

Kym Lane

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