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Jazz Kristy

Handstand Specialist

Someone once told me 'exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it', and that has stuck with me for years!

As a gymnast, dancer, life-long yogi and now newly qualified yoga instructor, l've always loved keeping active and challenging myself in new ways - I'll try any sport once (although my husband would probably advise that I don't try golf again...)!

I have been competing and performing in the fitness industry since a child, and now specialise in handstands, hand balances and yoga. I absolutely LOVE helping others achieve goals they didn't think possible, and can't wait to work with FloFitness members!

Handstands and hand balances are such a fun way to strengthen your body and build confidence!

During classes we will work on the fundamentals of hand balancing, particularly body conditioning, handstand preps, body position and alignment.

You do not need to be able to handstand already in order to enjoy and get lots out of this class!

Total upside-down beginners welcome, as well as anyone looking at improving their handstand technique and learn some new tricks.

Jazz Kristy
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