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21 May, 14:00
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Dance classes in Malvern with FloFitness

I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed Kym's antenatal classes. Now at 39 weeks, I've been attending since about 20 weeks pregnant, and always feel so much better physically and mentally after her yoga sessions. I'm so pleased I'm still managing to hold proper yoga poses, despite being nearly ready to pop! I can't sing Kym's praises enough, and I'm sad I will have to wait 6 weeks before I can join her mum and baby yoga class!


Aerial Yoga in Malvern with FloFitness

Kym visited us last weekend to give us a 'Strictly Style' dance lesson. Despite our limited skill she managed to get us all Waltzing and ChaCha-ing. She was incredibly patient and made the whole laughter filled lesson whizz by..... Next stop Blackpool Tower. We'll definitely be booking Kym again for our family parties!!


SUP Yoga in Pershore with FloFitness

Kym is wonderful at bringing your awareness to the present moment the relaxation in the room was wonderful as we all ascended together at a comfortable pace the hip openers were progressive and found them very relaxing as my awareness of body switched off completely kyms voice was a stable voice within the vail highly recommended for anyone starting there mindfulness and yoga Journey of awareness.


Yoga classes in Malvern with FloFitness

I have been attending mummy fitness classes for 4 months now. I struggled after my second child to lose weight and regain muscle tone. My motivation to exercise was also very low, until I attended this class. I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight (my weight before my first child in actual fact!) Kym is a fantastic instructor, with a very friendly style and I really enjoy attending every week. I found it difficult to find an exercise group to accommodate my toddler at the same time. He now enjoys the class as much as me and plays happily with other children whilst I work out. I would highly recommend this class to mums.